I saw a need for the Ford 4.0 thermostat housing to be made out of metal and so I started to figure out how to get the part manufactured and made in north america.It took me a year to find a foundry that would make it and then I found a machine shop to machine it with the cad files I had made with an engineer . Three sets of drawings and cad files later we were on our way. one for the part itself , one for the foundry to cast and one for the machine shop so a 3 axis cnc machine could be used to guarantee quality in the machine process.I refuse to have the part made in china and SACRIFICE THE QUALITY FOR MONEY. I hope you get as much pleasure using the part, as i did from making the part. i also own the first mustang to have the part installed (2008 mustang) and still have no leaks and can drive anywhere WITHOUT wONDERING  IF MY THERMOSTAT HOUSING WAS GOING TO FAIL and leavE me stranded ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD. tHIS IS MY STORY OF HOW I GOT INTO THE PARTS BUSINESS. My background is in commercial aviation maintenance and also automotive maintenance.